Submitting Films

Films must be submitted online. When you have completed your film, please upload it to YouTube or Vimeo.

Then, send us an email to and include

1) the link to your YouTube* or Vimeo film, and

2) applicant information including:- Title of Film, Name/Grade and Institution of Film Contributors, Name of Consultant Supervisor (for QA).

*For specific instructions on uploading via YouTube, please see the YouTube support website

All accepted films shall be included on the GastroFOAMed website. The winning film shall be awarded and showcased on Wednesday 6th June during the Gastroenterology trainees Educational Dragon’s Den session.

***Please note, any films/videos related to case studies or involving patients must comply with local trust policy regarding medical imaging/photography, have written patient consent and be password protected. On submission, these films MUST be submitted by Vimeo, NOT youtube. Please supply password at time of submission***

The deadline for submissions is 1st May 2018